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“Let a school be created out of nothing!”

– Rev. James Thomas Roberts

Why Accra High School?

The School that started with eight students in the house of DS Quarcoopome’s residence at the Beach Road is now the school whose 90th birthday we are celebrating with over 1800 students.

Accra High School was the first secondary school in Eastern Province of Gold Coast. It was the only school then with a school magazine to spread intellectual light in to community.

The only school with a school motto “Redimentes Opportunitatem” which translates (Make Hay while the sun shines), a song on the same theme, written by Rev. Roberts who designed the school crest, and also chose the school uniform; black and white.

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Science Laboratories (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
Technical Drawing Room
Applied Electricity Lab | Visual Arts Studio | Clothing Room
Typing Pool | Foods Kitchen | Music Room | Football Field
Basket Ball Court | Handball Court | Volleyball Court | Sick Bay
Staff Bungalow | Assembly Hall | Library | ICT Lab